About Us



Richland Properties:
First conceptualized in 2002, Richland Properties is a Malaysia-based real estate agency which strives to build ongoing relationships with each of our clients. At Richland Properties, we take our clients vision of private home/property ownership in Malaysia, and we transform this vision into a reality.

Fully Regulated by the BOVAEA

As a real estate agency, the commercial and financial activities of Richland Properties are governed by the rules and regulations outlined by Malaysia’s Board of Valuers, Appraisers, and Real Estate Agents. These being the case, each of our clients are protected by a strict guidelines that they will always receive the best possible service.

Our Mission

From the very first day we opened for business, our clients realized that we were different. This is because our real estate professionals don’t just shortlist properties for our clients to consider. Instead, we shortlist each of our client’s individual ‘property’ needs, before helping them find homes which are both in line with their budget and which exceed all of their personal expectations. This is why we focus on building long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with each of our clients and industry associates.

Our Values


At Richland Properties, we operate in accordance with a strict set of fully transparent rules and regulations. We always act in your best interests, and we never withhold information which might make you think twice about purchasing a property.


Our reputability rests solely with each of our client’s satisfaction post purchase. This being the case, we will never use hard selling tactics and always abide by a strict code of ethics.


As entrepreneurs ourselves, we work to provide an innovative range of services which are always ahead of and more fully featured than those of our competitors.


With Richland Properties, you can always be assured of superior service thanks to the fact that we invest directly in the ongoing training and development of each one of our own team members.

Customer Focus:

As a rule, we strive to exceed each of our customer’s expectations every time without exception. To us, anything less would simply be unacceptable.

Why Richland Properties?

If you are thinking of buying, selling, or investing in property in Malaysia, the reason you should choose to work with Richland Properties is simple.

We don’t pursue the highest possible fees and commissions arising from any real estate transaction.

We @ Richland Properties  always get our clients the best deals possible. In doing so, we benefit in  long term by having our existing clients recommend us to friends, relatives, and business partners. Because of our better reputability, we then benefit from being able to participate in a greater number of real estate transactions overall.

Because of the unique way we do business, Richland Properties is the best choice of realtors for you, regardless of whether you are a first time home buyer or international property investor looking to invest in Malaysia. This being the case, makes sure to reach out to one of our Certified Real Estate negotiators today, in order to benefit from a genuinely better standard of services.

The Founder

Selvem Durasamy is the founder and principal realtor of Richland Properties. Having graduated from the National University of Malaysia, Selvem holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and has over 23 years of professional real estate experience.

Having worked with a number of highly regarded developers, property managers, and real estate agencies, Selvem has used this experience to create a completely new customer care standard. Forming Richland Properties in 2002, Selvem has since led a senior management team whom he consistently empowers with his vision, passion for customer care, and unique industry insights. Selvem currently serving as Board of Director of Malaysian Institute of Estate Agent.

On the operational side, he use his leadership and managerial skills to impart customer dealing tactics and strategies, particularly ethical business practices to his team. His vision is what he share with to ensure his team works accordingly.



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